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Offshore Boats Operating on Big Rideau Lake

This article addresses the issue around offshore boats operating on Big Rideau Lake with their mufflers turned off. This contravenes Transport Canada regulations which are explained in the article along with the process to use when contacting the OPP to let them know when the offshore boats are on the lake operating illegally.

In the event of an incident whereby you feel folks are not ‘Sharing the Lake’ call this number: 1-888-310-1122.

To report a boat to the OPP, the police have requested you have the boat registration number to accompany your submission. However, if you are not able to access the ID for the boat(s) in question please call in the complaint as the call centre will track all calls and a call without a boat ID is still a call on the record.

Read this article for more information.

Bass Tournament Schedule for Balance of 2017 Season

There are two more tournaments scheduled to take place on Big Rideau Lake this 2017 season:

  • Sept 3 – Bassmasters
  • Oct 10 – Bassmasters